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Polymer Chemistry Experiments
Here you can find easy to do polymer
chemistry experiments. Some can be done at
home with easy to find chemicals, and some
needs to be done in a lab.

It is always recommended to perform these by
an adult, or with the supervision of an adult.
Most of them are easy and fun to do
experiments; however, some of the polymer
chemistry experiments may be ill-advised.
Remember: Safety First!
Make Silly Putty (like material) at home
-Method 1

Make Silly-putty like materials from Borax and
Glue - Method 2

Make Gloop, Boogers, Goobers, and Super

Nylon fibers and bouncing balls experiments
demonstrating chemicals reactions, and the
difference of polymer properties due to the
monomers used, respectively.

Home made glue - From Milk

Polymer Slime - From Milk

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) - polymer slime

Polymer chemistry experiments for college

Chemistry fun experiments