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Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Aliphatic dicarboxylic
acid ester based monomeric plasticizers
Aliphatic dicarboxylic acid ester based plasticizers are primarily
used to improve low temperature properties. They can either be
used as the primary plasticizer, or with phthalates.

Where R = linear alcohol chain
Aliphatic dibasic acids (examples. succinic acid, adipic acid,
pimelic acid, suberic acid, azelaic acid, sebacic acid,
undecane-diacid, dodecane-diacid, tridecane-diacid, and
docosane-diacid; or aromatic dibasic acids, -- phthalic acid and
isophthalic acid--) can be esterified with polyalcohols to get
plasticizers with various properties.

Out of C5 to C10 dibasic acids, adipates (C5) is the most
important. Commercially available aliphatic dibasic acid esters
includes Jayflex DINA Plasticizer (Diisononyl Adipate),
PLASTOMOLL® DOA Diethylhexyl adipate (DOA/DEHA) etc.
DINA is less volatile than DOA, and is mainly used in
producing clear films for meat and produce wrapping
Basic structure of adipates