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Polyvinylchloride (PVC) : General Purpose
It has been estimated that about 50% of the flexible PVC products are made with
general-purpose plasticizers. Mostly used general-purpose plasticizers are synthesized
with branched-chain alcohols which can range from isoheptanol to isononanol, and are in
high demand due to excellent performance and lowest cost benefits.

Branched general-purpose plasticizers include DIDP (diisodecyl phthalate), DINP
(diisononyl phthalate), DIOP (diisooctyl phthalate), DTDP (diisotridecyl phthalate), UDP
(undecyl dodecyl phthalate) etc.
General-purpose plasticizers that are based on straight-chain
alcohols/linear alcohols are usually made by blending C8 or C9;
however, they are costlier than the branched family. They are more
often used in unique process conditions, or when greater low
temperature flexibility is required.