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Polyvinylchloride: Hydrocarbon Plasticizers
Hydrocarbon based monomeric plasticizers

There are various hydrocarbon based plasticizers mainly derived from
petroleum and coal tar fractions, however, most of them are unsuitable
due to their high odor and poor clarity. Linear Paraffins are used specially
in plastisol, due to their low solvency power to depress viscosity,
however, the high volatility limits its usage.
Alkylbenzenes are another type that offers low
odor and better clarity, and are mainly used to
reduce the viscosity in plastisol.
Commercially available hydrocarbon based
plasticizers includes Jayflex 210 (Naphthenic
Hydrocarbon), Jayflex 215 (Aliphatic
Hydrocarbon) etc.
Other monomeric plasticizers

Depending on the processing conditions and/or the expected end
use, highly specialized plasticizers are used. For example, TXIB
(2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol diisobutyrate) is a non-phthalate
plasticizer, that is usually used in plastisol applications to get
reduced viscosity.

Due to the low initial viscosity and ease of processing, TXIB has
found wide variety of applications including, nail care, plastisol,
sheet vinyl flooring, toys, sporting goods, vinyl gloves, wall coverings
etc. It is a highly volatile plasticizer, thus, offers stain resistance
properties to the end product.