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Polymer Chemistry News Update
Compostable Plastics Have a Sweet Ending
A Polymer Coating That Can Heal Itself Thanks to UV Light
U.S. Polymer's New GREEN/REDEEMTM Program Recycles Stretch Plastic Scrap
Into Cash
Kiwi connection to green racing car
Scientists Build Surfboard Using Native New Zealand Flax as Fibreglass
New performance enhancing additives for biopolymer being increasingly developed
Unique Composition Promotes Healthy Microenvironment
NatureWorks LLC Is Committed to Zero Waste for Biopolymer Bottles
Are booming bioplastics here to stay?
High energy prices prompt fourfold rise in bioplastics demand
The Secret life of Packaging
Bio-plastics: A step in the right direction
Development and marketing are surging as bioplastics categories expand to meet a
worldwide demand that is growing exponentially